John Ioannidis and Professor Michael Levitt of

Experts like Dr. John Ioannidis and Professor Michael Levitt of Stanford University saw the mistakes of that forecast from the beginning. But, our senior medical science and political leaders, who largely represent the last of the Boomer class, didn’t listen.

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Well I guess one might say I am an optimist with a pessimistic mind. Or I am just not based in reality because that is just the way of the world, getting messed over (and I used a nice word). But I am me and I will continue to do what I can to help those who ask of me expecting nothing in return but my own personal achievement.

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“We continue to work to respect the CDC guidance on social distancing and continue to transition in person clinical visits with video and telephonic options when possible. The safety and well being of our patients, staff and community is always our top priority. We encourage patients to contact their Froedtert MCW health care provider with questions.”.

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